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    About Us

    We are a family-owned orchard, growing apples, pears & plums on 10 acres. Located 3 miles south of Eau Claire.


    We began AVEnue Orchard in 2007 with 115 trees. With no map to what kinds of apples were here, it was like a treasure hunt going through and discovering what was growing in the orchard, including timeless varieties such as Yellow Transparent and Duchess. It took some work to get the trees into shape and producing beautiful fruit once again, and now we are overrun with delicious produce.

    So far we have added over 1,500 trees to the orchard, and we hope there’s more to come. Some of our favorite additions to the orchard would be our SnowSweet and Zestar, as well as old favorites such as Cortland and Wolf River.

    In 2015 we partnered with Class Apple Orchard, which is a Pick-Your-Own location. Class Apple is located at 5198 Sunset View Dr. Eau Claire, WI. Check them out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/classappleec/

    Come out and visit our on-site store, where besides apples you can find all kinds of wonderful jams, jellies, sauces, and fruit butter. Take a stroll around our serene quiet yards and say HI to the critters! (Cows, goats, baby goats, ducks, and ducklings.

    Look for us at various local Farmer’s Markets 6 days a week. While visiting us there, ask to get your picture taken with Ronnie Appleseed if you find him!

    Don’t forget to come by on the weekend and experience picking your on our dwarf trees, they make for great family picking time since everyone can reach the apples!

    Hope to see you soon,
    Team Appleseed



    Family helping cleaning, sorting and packing apples for Feed My People (2014)
    Photo taken by Sam Alf (2014)
    Newly planted dwarf apple trees (2015)
    Storms coming in over our Hill and Lake orchards at AVEnue
    AVEnue Orchard Annual Feed My People Picker Crew 2018
    Ronnie Appleseed at the FMP Annual Pick!
    FMP lunch break!
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    AVEnue Orchard Family
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