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    Our family version of antipasto began with the second generation ''Giordana's.'' They came from Italy to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1906 and brought with them their Authentic Italian recipes. Our family gatherings traditionally began with antipasto, red wine, garlic bread, and animated conversations. My grandmother and mother were passionate about cooking for their families and it showed by preparation and presentation of delicious traditional Italian dinners. Watching these women cook influenced me greatly. I not only have the love for cooking, but the desire to teach and share with others. We have put together our families' recipe of antipasto to share with all of you. Antipasto literally means ''before the meal.'' The main purpose for antipasto was to extend the meal. It started the meal followed by salad, soup, pasta with meat, and a light dessert. The abundance of courses was only part of the experience. The other part was the animated family conversation. The combination of antipasto and conversation maintained our family relationships. Augusta's Antipasto is named after my grandmother, a picture of my mother decorates the jar, and I've named my business with the thoughts of family. This recipe and the love of cooking continue today with my daughters' participation in continuing this tradition. We hope you enjoy our antipasto as much as we do.


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